6401 Auburn – Dishwasher

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Dishwasher Operation and Maintenance

The dishwasher has a power switch located on the kitchen counter – *PLEASE ASSURE THAT THE POWER SWITCH IS ON* prior to use. It is also a good idea to first run the hot water in the kitchen sink a few minutes until the hot water begins to flow. This will help provide maximum hot water to the dishwater during operation. In addition, once a month or so it’s a good idea to clean out the dishwasher by running vinegar through the system. Easy and cheap and will keep the dishwasher smelling fresher.

Depending on you are in Unit A or Unit B, there are two different Dishwasher Appliance. Please chose the correct appliance for your side:

  • Unit A – Amana Dishwasher: To operate the Dishwasher, please view or download the Amana Dishwasher User’s Manual.
  • Unit B – LG Dishwasher: To operate the LG Dishwasher, please view or download the LG Operation User’s Manual. For helpful hints and to keep it up and running with these helpful tips to avoid and troubleshoot any possible issues => LEARN MORE.

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